Drop 3


On February 14th "The Scorpion" was created, this logo which shows a scorpion holding a barbell with "vintage" plates signified stregnth regardless of size (since scorpions are only a couple inches in length). The text both above and below (((((the scorpion would be inspired by the serpents design)))))) This design was originally planned to cater to the powerlifting community whereas "The Serpent" would be tailored to the bodybuilding community. But after receiving a great response from both parties on "The Scorpion", the plan to specifically cater each design to the communities was scrapped.


Following the recent sell out of the latest drop, multiple new colorways were set to be introudced for both Serpent & Scorpion designs including Maroon/White, Military Green/Gray and a new sweatshirt consisting of an Ash Gray/Black.

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