Drop 2 "The Beginning"


Following the night of what would be a life changing inventory sell out, a restock would quickly be put into place to test if the release was pure luck or if it was actually desired, with around 100 tees for sale, that inventory would go on to sell out within an hour.

The Final Test

Now assuming customers had a true desire for the product mixed with a slight bit of doubt, yet another test would be run to determine if customers enjoyed the design itself or if only the design and its color scheme together made it desirable A.K.A. a one hit wonder. This would lead to another restock in tees, a new hoodie and stringer to be released all with the same colorway, adding only one new color scheme to the brand as the test subject. This would be a Black shirt with a Red colored Serpent.


All products would eventually go on to sell out including the Black/Red test subject causing the confidence to introduce new colorways and designs to rise. Before the first launch on January 8th, two main ideas kept coming to mind while sketching potential logos for the brand, "The Serpent" and a Scorpion. While The Serpent's design would come fairly easily, no true progress would come to life in any scorpion sketches thus causing for the idea to be shelved. That is until February 14th, the week of preperation for the third "official" drop.