Drop 1


Redemption HTX was first conceived in early 2020, though only "The Serpent" was imagined at first. This logo was a reference to Kobe Bryant A.K.A. "The Black Mamba" and his mindset, dedication and obsessiveness towards his craft in basketball.

Sean Chatman, the founder, was previously a basketball fanatic before turning to bodybuilding and powerlifting as his main source of athletics. His admiration for Kobe's insane drive and contribution towards basketball led him to apply the same mentality towards the gym which ultimately led to a design of a snake wrapping around a 45lb plate signifying that those who wear it promise to themselves to be "better than you were yesterday".


The name "Redemption" is a reference to the year of 2017, where the owner found himself at the lowest point in his life and where he also made the decision to make a change, beginning a new life of striving to be a stronger and better person than what he was during that year.

With the name picked out and a logo in mind, the text at the bottom of the first serpent design was a second message to those who started or wanted to start their own journey of Redemption, however they may define it. Including a bit of Houston culture with "Be Someone", the following messages of "Fulfill Your Potential" and "Prosper" would soon be loved by tens of thousands of people across the globe.

Day 1

In November of 2020, the artwork of "The Serpent" was officially created and with only enough money to buy 50 tees, the first two colorways consisting of a Black/Gold and a White/Black/Gold were created with a quantity of 25 each and eventually launched on January 8th 2021. About half of the inventory would be sold to supporting family and friends but on January 15th the tees would gain quite a bit of traction and sell out over a night thanks to a semi-viral TikTok. Thus on the morning of January 16th, Redemption would begin its true journey towards making a name for itself and helping to inspire others.