What We Stand For


Based in Houston, Texas, Redemption HTX was launched in January of 2021 with the idea of encouraging those who had previously been set back by adversity to continuously move forward in order to show that no outside circumstances can prevent those with steel-like determination from coming back and succeeding and ultimately redeeming themselves. 



Our aim is to inspire those looking to take control of their life to make fitness one of their first priorities as we strongly believe that taking care of your body and honing in on the skills needed to maintain it such as discipline, consistency, perseverance, goal-setting and planning can be translated to and heavily benefit any endeavor one chooses to engage in.


Seek Redemption: 

Seek Redemption is a phrase we used to signify doing whatever it takes to become better than you were yesterday. With all set backs comes the option of letting it become our tombstone or our stepping stone and by embracing adversity we’re able to look inside ourselves to learn how to be better prepared and build upon the strength of our mental fortitude. When adversity strikes remember this, remember what you're fighting for and remember that nothing worth having comes easy but when opposition pushes us back we will

Seek Redemption.